Are you fishing in a pond, or you are still casting your net in a well ??

Learn facebook advertising in my practical physical training: all the strategies, secrets and technicalities

My name is Joseph Ogbu, I'm a Data Scientist, a Digital Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Early Code.

I have a long history with digital marketing, since 2014; so that means I have a couple of experiences.

I have been using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to market third-party products on Google and I really made a decent income with this.

At the middle of 2019, I launched Early Code, a training institution for Data Science, Web Development and Digital Marketing.

I ranked this business on Google map for a particular keyword and we never lacked people in our programs.

Sometime ago, I did a data analysis on sales data on our website's database and Google took the lead in our sales channels.

I launched another business (a retail business) in October 2019 and I started advertising on facebook and instagram and the rest of the stories about this business will be continued with my facebook ads.....

I had a good start with my retail business just by choosing the right promotion channel and doing it right!

Facebook has been a blessing, but more so because I know how to create facebook ads that sells.

The thing is this, an average individual uses facebook and Instagram 2 times a day and spend an average total time of 30 minutes.

You may have the best of product, but if you don’t take your product to the place where your target customers are, you will be keeping it a long time in the shelf.

Doing the right thing right

I started my facebook marketing campaigns by setting up a professional advertising account with facebook, took creative pictures and videos with my mobile phone; next, I put up a strategy for my ads, then ……. Kaboom!!

Then, money in ….

In 41 days, we recorded more than 195 sales from our facebook ads alone! Much of these sales were recorded after the first 3 weeks of my ad campaign because I made some mistakes at the on-start. These mistakes I will also be sharing in this training.

Lots of others with lead from our facebook ads were received on our whatsapp platform.

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It’s a cost effective advertising

And by the way, it’s cheap to advertise on facebook and I love facebook, yes I do – because they are serious about helping you get the best of result. In fact, the other day, facebook called to share some technical tips with me to help me get better results…. to get this kind of call from facebook, you will have to hit a certain threshold of ad spend and professionalism with your ad account. In this training I will be teaching you how to get low Cost Per Result (CPR) on your sales.

And, worthy to add this, one of the things that makes you a good marker includes your ability to make returning customers.

And you can use some tracking code to retarget your previous customers to buy from you again, and again.

Now, your turn to cast your net in the pond

I train people (it’s my passion + making money ); but the thing is that I only train people in the things I have good experience with, and what can definitely make them money. I created this course at early code for everyone who wants to turn their marketing campaign into cashflow. I will be teaching you how to catch your customers in the vast pond called facebook/Instagram with all the technicalities and strategies.

The training is a 3 days physical training – so you can ask all your question along and I will have the opportunity to see how you will be practicalising what I will teaching, so that I can further guide you.

Here is what you will learn

  1. Setup a professional ad manager account to create your ads.
  2. Facebook advertising secrets
    • getting your ads visibility
    • ads engagement
    • targeting your customer
  3. Facebook advertising technical skills
    • retargeting code
    • advertising multiple products/service on the same ad
    • photography techniques and strategies
  4. Turn over
    • getting the best result with minimal spend- CPR

Training Center location

Early Code, 62 Gado Nasko road, Kubwa, Abuja.

Training Duration: Tuesday 11th – Thursday 13th February

Time: 2 – 5 PM

And, I have a bonus for you to help you get more result …. “you’re welcome "

I will also be teaching you how to list your business on Google maps, have it verified by Google and rank it on search result.

This bonus include:

We are available for chat, if you require more information or clarification, send us a whatsapp message

( 07087777367)

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Computers and internet are provided for you in the training.

A commitment part-payment of #2,500 is required for your seat researvation.