CSS Bootcamp (Kids)

Our CSS Bootcamp for kids is a creative and engaging program designed to introduce young kids to the power of Cascading Style Sheets. In this interactive course, children will learn the fundamentals of CSS, including selectors, properties, and styling techniques. Through hands-on activities and fun projects, they will gain the skills to transform ordinary webpages into visually stunning creations.


4 weeks

4 days weekly

2hrs per session

In this course

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Course Description

The CSS Bootcamp for kids is an engaging and interactive course designed to introduce children to the world of Cascading Style Sheets. Through hands-on activities and projects, kids will learn the fundamentals of CSS, including selectors, properties, and styling techniques. They will gain the skills to create visually appealing webpages and develop a deeper understanding of web design. This course nurtures creativity, problem-solving abilities, and prepares kids for a digital future filled with endless possibilities.

Why CSS Bootcamp (Kids)?

In today's digital age, having basic knowledge of CSS is increasingly valuable. The CSS Bootcamp for kids provides a platform for children to develop essential skills in web design and development. By learning CSS, kids can express their creativity, enhance problem-solving abilities, and gain a deeper understanding of the online world. This course equips them with the tools to create visually appealing websites, fostering digital literacy and preparing them for future opportunities in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Course Outline

Introduction to HTML
Introduction to CSS
Selectors and Properties
Box Model and Layouts
Colors, Backgrounds, and Borders
Typography and Text Effects
Transitions and Animations
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Highlight The Skill You Will Gain With Our Verifiable Certificate

Upon completing the course and a building successful project, you will be awarded a certificate to showcase your new skills. Your certificate is also verifiable on our website so that potential employers can easily confirm its authenticity.