PHP Back-End Development

Welcome to our PHP Back-End Development course! In this course, You will gain the fundamental knowledge required to use PHP to create dynamic and interactive web apps in this course. You'll learn how to build reliable and scalable online apps as well as acquire hands-on experience with server-side scripting, database connectivity, and user authentication. You will be taken through the procedure by our knowledgeable instructors, who will equip you with the information and resources need to flourish as a PHP developer. Take the first step toward becoming a proficient back-end developer by enrolling right away.


5 weeks

3 days weekly

2hrs per session

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Course Description

One of the key concepts covered in our PHP Back-End Development course is server-side scripting. This is the process of writing code that runs on the server to generate dynamic web content. You'll learn how to write PHP scripts to generate HTML, interact with databases, and handle user input. Additionally, you'll gain an understanding of web security and user authentication, which are essential concepts for developing secure and scalable web applications. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to create dynamic and interactive web applications using PHP.

Why PHP Back-End Development?

Anybody wishing to launch or develop their IT profession would be wise to select our PHP Back-End Development course. Employers are very interested in candidates who are proficient in PHP because back-end programming is a crucial part of creating online applications. With the help of our course, you'll have the skills and knowledge you need to create PHP web apps that are reliable and scalable. You'll acquire real-world experience in user authentication, server-side scripting, and database connectivity, all of which are in great demand in the IT sector. You will be preparing yourself for a fruitful and satisfying career in back-end development by enrolling in our course.

Course Outline

PHP Fundamentals
Handling user input and form validation
Working with files and directories
Introduction to MySQL database
Creating and managing databases, tables, and indexes
Understanding common web application vulnerabilities
Protecting against SQL Injection
Authentication and Authorization in PHP
Data modeling and Normalization
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Highlight The Skill You Will Gain With Our Verifiable Certificate

Upon completing the course and a building successful project, you will be awarded a certificate to showcase your new skills. Your certificate is also verifiable on our website so that potential employers can easily confirm its authenticity.